sophisticated hue
sophisticated hue

Anniversary Celebrated in Houston, TX

NRG Stadium & Hotel Alessandra

This year Kevin and I celebrated eight years together and our third wedding anniversary. This is our first anniversary as a family of four and we decided to have both a day and night celebration

It's All A Balancing Act

Most of you have asked how I manage to work full time and still find the balance to be a wife and mother. This continues to be the primary questions I receive week to week. Although I feel it is natural to be this busy, I can see how it may not be the "norm". Today on the blog I will share three tips on how I manage to balance it all, or TRY to! 

High End, Low End, and Some In Between

A few weeks ago I asked on my Instagram stories if you all would prefer for me to write more blog posts regarding my personal life or fashion tips, and with a split tie 50/50 you all voted for both! 

So with that being said, I want to share a tip I've learned over the years that helps me feel good, look good, and my wallet feel good too : Mix high end pieces with low end pieces and some just in between!

Stepping Into The Life You Deserve

A few days ago, I asked on my Instagram stories which day you all would prefer for blog posts, and the majority voted Wednesdays! So you have my personal commitment, otherwise mentioned beforehand, that I will do a blog post every Wednesday going forward (subscribe to ensure you are updated weekly)!

For this week's blog post, I want to catch you all up on some recent life changes for me and the family.


Be Your Own Light

To be honest I am still recovering from this past weekend. My husband and I had a little get away to Austin alone without our children and I feel so behind on all of my regular mommy duties! Well to be fair, we only lasted one night instead of the intended two. It felt so good to be alone without interruptions, but we missed our kids and came back earlier than expected haha. 

While being back in Austin, TX I thought a lot about what I wanted for myself and for my blog for the remainder of the year. It's been difficult these past few weeks adjusting. Between juggling a full time career, a newborn, a toddler, and now more than ever investing more time on the blog I feel overwhelmed at times. 

Fall Trends You Need to Try

My Top Three for This Season

There are three Fall trends that I'm currently obsessed with. I love to try new trends, but I really like it when they also work for mine and other body types. 

Keep reading to find out my favorite Fall trends, and be sure to let me know which ones you'll try as well!

Balancing My Attention For My Two Loves

Lily Jade Co. Diaper Bag